#DWNRW startup of the month July: senseering from digitalHUB Aachen

The senseering MyDataEconomy is the platform for B2x customers for real-time condition monitoring of industrial plants and smart devices, for AI analyses based on this, such as predictive maintenance, and above all for trading and exchanging technical data.
Via an easy-to-understand subscription model, the platform participants receive worldwide access to selected and approved data and can thus close their own data gaps. Various features can be activated once or permanently via a pay-per-x. The senseering team has thus done digital pioneering work. The MyDataEconomy platform was made available to selected pilot customers in a closed alpha in June 2020, who will put it through its paces. By the end of 2020, the platform will be transferred into a public beta phase. This will allow everyone to put a price tag on their data.

DemoDay_Daniel Trauth DWNRW

Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Daniel Trauth (Managing Director senseering GmbH) pitches at the DemoDay at the digitalHUB Aachen on 15.01.20

senseering at digitalHUB Aachen

The startup has been a member of the digitalHUB Aachen e.V. since 2019 and has already participated in various DWNRW initiatives, including the digitalHUB Aachen Incubator Program 19/20. “The Incubator Program 19/20 has not only helped us to find an answer to all the difficult and unpleasant questions of our startup, but has also improved the general networking: investors became business partners and program participants became friends,” says Daniel Trauth, Managing Director and co-founder of senseering.
In June 2020, senseering qualified for the final of the OUT OF THE BOX.NRW startup competition, which will be at the PIRATE Summit in September.


  • Name: senseering GmbH
  • Date of foundation: 2018
  • Type of company: GmbH
  • Managing directors: Dr.- Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Daniel Trauth, Dr.- Ing. Patrick Mattfeld, MBA
  • Company headquarters: Aachen and Cologne

For more information click here:

senseering – Website

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