ATEC 2021: Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Congress


Daring the impossible: Flying to the moon, electric light, computers in our hands – technological innovation has always dared to dream big and changed the trajectory of humanity. What can technology do to face the pressing challenges of today?

We are facing great challenges right now - from global pandemics, to climate change and increasing social inequalities. What potentials do current innovations in technology and entrepreneurship offer to tackle these problems?

At ATEC 2021 we are investigating which entrepreneurial and technical mindset it takes to dare the impossible.

Inspiring speakers from business, politics and academia will share their stories and discuss how technology can be used to tackle humanities most pressing challenges.

What do you think is a seemingly impossible challenge worth solving? Join the conversation on our social media channels and also let us know about your daring projects with the hashtag #DareTheImpossible

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