Brightlands Hack4SmartServices Hackathon „Society of the Future“

We have a challenge for you. We should rather say Three challenges! And we need YOUR help to solve them. Because you view them differently, faster, bolder and with more creativity. Hack4SmartServices brings together inventive people who come up with solutions to complex challenges. Whether you are a developer, lawyer, student, marketer, or anyone who loves problem-solving and a little challenge.

This fall marks the fifth edition of the Hack4SmartServices hackathon with the theme: Society of the future.
You are invited to scratch your head on one of the four challenges. Together with other like-minded people, you will work in a team for an entire weekend, on an innovative solution for the challenge of your choice. The solutions will be presented on Sunday afternoon to a panel of judges, who then, will announce the winners of the hackathon.

Besides brainteasers, we promise you some relaxing time as well. A bit of running around with your nerf gun, professional frisbeeing during our frisbee cup and indoor camping at night, with a relaxing yoga session in the morning. Oh! And we also serve food.

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Why should I join?

  • You get to meet new and like-minded people and who knows, maybe even a friend for life.
  • You develop competencies and skills: cooperation, data knowledge, abstract thinking, problem solving and presentation … to name a few.
  • You put yourself in the spotlight in front of large organizations and employers. This could lead to a brilliant career or at least some connections for the future.
  • You will have a weekend full of fun. Which could never go wrong.
  • You get to keep the tent you sleep in.
  • Did we mention pizza already?
  • Each challenge has a winner chosen by our jury, whom will win the prize money of € 1,500 per challenge.
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