Instead of PIRATE SUMMIT this year’s event is called PIRATE Live. It will be a week full of amazing content, open for everyone and free to participate. The Out of the Box.NRW Award will also be part of PIRATE Live. Get ready for exciting pitches from the 12 selected startups and keynotes from renowned speakers and help your favorites to win prize money of 50.000€.

Why join PIRATE Live?

At PIRATE Live it’s all about #meaningfulconnections.
Through various formats and our networking platform, we will create the most personal networking experience you can get in a 100% remote setup. Connecting some of the brightest people of the startup ecosystem has always been our goal, whether it be through dedicated 1on1 sessions, discussion tables, or mentoring sessions for startups.

How PIRATE Live Works

PIRATE Live is a five-day event welcoming all stakeholders of the global startup ecosystem to connect, learn, get inspired and interact. In cooperation with Startup Safari Rhineland you are given an authentic behind the scenes look into the daily work of entrepreneurs. Followed by high-level keynotes and masterclasses, as well as discussion tables to ask away and contribute yourself, you can design your own agenda from a variety of sessions.



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