“The E-Mobility Lecture Series” – hosted by the Office for E-Mobility of RWTH Aachen

Are you inspired by innovation and building a sustainable future? E-Mobility has it both. And the “E-Mobility Lecture Series” will show you in which ways.

Get the latest knowledge of renowned speakers from research and industry. Discover the state-of-the-art of: electric-motors, battery technologies, power electronics, charging infrastructure and many more. Understand the rivalry between batteries vs. fuel-cells, when to expect charging point at every street-corner and when electric vehicles will become affordable for everyone.

Progress is made on every end and you can be part of it. The E-Mobility Lecture Series shares insights on where to start. Whether you are student or professional or just inspired, curious and want to explore. Join in and absorb, discuss and network with our researchers and experts from industry. Talk to student teams and get connected.
And if you attend in-person, you will get your Participation Certificate for your CV.

Let's E-Mobilize the future. See you at the lecture!


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