ThinkTank: Seizing opportunities for companies and the region

The digitalHUB Aachen e.V. has set itself the goal of digitising the Aachen Area, establishing regionally and supra-regionally visible projects and leaving clear digitalisation traces.

Therefore, our members in the digitalHUB ThinkTanks implement concrete “larger visions” that show a long-term change/improvement for the region in concrete projects. The ThinkTanks have a direct impact on the Aachen Area and are open to all members. This clearly distinguishes them from bilateral cooperation projects.

ThinkTank Smart City Aachen

In times of increasing urbanisation and technologisation, changes occur at very short time intervals. The city of Aachen should continue to be a liveable city in the future, which is why members of the digitalHUB Aachen are committed to active urban development against the backdrop of digitalisation and sustainability. Ideas and concepts are developed to make energy use more efficient, mobility more sustainable and production more compatible with the city. Companies, start-ups and the city are always faced with the question of which concepts and business models can make a long-term contribution to this and are accepted by the citizens and the local companies.

The topic of climate protection and sustainability has therefore not only been on the minds of our members since FridaysForFuture and the “Smart City” think tank of the digitalHUB Aachen aims to transform the city of Aachen into a Smart City.
Members can find detailed information on how to get involved in our MemberSpace.

RWTH Aachen University Smart City
1. SmartCity Aachen: “Sustainable Neighbourhood” - Future Region Aachen North

The “Sustainable Neighbourhood – Future Region Aachen North” has therefore set itself the goal of turning the Aachen North urban quarter into a real laboratory for sustainable, innovative urban development. The focus is on the testing and implementation of innovative ideas and technologies from digitalHUB members, successful citizen integration in questions of neighbourhood development, and the long-term goal of establishing measures that result in an improvement of the CO2 balance. The ThinkTank does not aim to make scientifically sound statements, but rather to implement small and large projects that could have the most positive effect on, for example, air pollution control. Furthermore, through a comprehensive open data approach (data platform), both the current situation and possible improvements are to be communicated transparently, and the residents of the neighbourhood are to be included in the decision-making process for solutions to be integrated.

Members can find more information in our MemberSpace.

2. SmartCity Aachen: “Mobility platform”

The future of mobility is shaped by new possibilities in the ICT sector, new vehicle concepts and changing customer needs. In Aachen, numerous initiatives have been formed that are driving the development of mobility solutions. Aachen thus has the chance to become the capital in terms of “future mobility”. For this to happen, however, it is essential that the numerous local actors and initiatives pull together and develop an overall solution rather than implementing numerous isolated projects. The mobility platform is intended to bundle the individual mobility offers and initiatives of the region and later, as a digital platform, also offer users access to intelligent and flexible mobility services beyond the region.

Members can find more information in our MemberSpace

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