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The digitalHUB Aachen in the digitalCHURCH was created as a digitalisation centre as part of the DWNRW initiative of the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs. Along with five other funded digitalisation centres in NRW, the digitalHUB Aachen is part of the “Digital Economy NRW (DWNRW)” initiative. With its DWNRW initiative, the Ministry of Economics, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia. is pursuing the goal of increasing the attraction of digital start-ups and spin-offs and building a start-up scene that is outstanding throughout Germany and internationally. At the same time, established companies in North Rhine-Westphalia are to be networked with the digital start-up scene and thus further develop their existing business models, open up new business areas and pick up on technological progress at an early stage.

Digital Economy NRW

Digital Hubs NRW

Udo Glaser, head of the SME division and member of the management board at digitalHUB Aachen; Dr. Oliver Grün, chairman of the board of digitalHUB Aachen and CEO of GRÜN Software Group, and Michael F. Bayer, CEO of IHK Aachen and member of the board of digitalHUB Aachen, received the funding notification for digitalHUB Aachen from NRW Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Mona Neubaur. ©MWIKE NRW/ A. Bowinkelmann

Excellence Start-up Centre

The digitalHUB was able to further expand its close collaboration with RWTH Aachen University, which has existed since its foundation, within the framework of the Excellence Start-up Centre (ESC). The digitalHUB Aachen’s offer for digital business models is aimed not only at digital start-ups but also at technology start-ups from Aachen’s universities. In addition, the digitalHUB Aachen takes on the supervision of digital non-deeptech spin-offs as part of the RWTH Incubator. In this context, the digitalHUB Aachen in the digitalCHURCH is the urban extension of a possible Excellence Start-up Centre on the non-urban RWTH Campus and will at the same time be firmly anchored in a possible ESC on the RWTH Campus in terms of personnel and space.

More information on the Excellence Start-up Centre can be found here:

Excellence Start-up Centre

Exzellenz Startu-Center NRW

EDIH Rhineland

Motivated by the desire to pave the way to digitalisation for SMEs, enable the use of AI and thereby create efficient and intelligent business processes, partners from various fields of expertise have joined forces in the EDIH Rheinland consortium. The Europe-wide network aims to bring digitalisation and AI solutions and the knowledge required for their application to SMEs through technical impetus, training programmes and cross-industry support projects. The HPC ecosystem enables companies participating in the project to utilise computing power-intensive applications without having to invest in their own resources. This not only makes it easier to get started with AI-driven business processes, but also reduces administrative and maintenance costs.

The EDIH Rhineland also serves as a neutral point of contact for project organisers, providers and users. The scope of the EDIH Rhineland is not limited to the immediate Rhineland area, but also supports Westphalian companies and companies in the vicinity of the border triangle between Germany, the Dutch province of Limburg and the Belgian Walloon region, including the French and German-speaking areas of the country.

More information about the project and the partners involved can be found here:

EDIH Rheinland

Partners involved:
AIA – Lehrstuhl für Strömungslehre und Aerodynamisches InstitutCATS – Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems | ICE – Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems | Informatik 11 – Embedded Software | IME – Metallurgische Prozesstechnik und Metallrecycling | RWTH IT Center | FIR e.V. an der RWTH Aachen | Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik FIT | Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnologie IPT | digitalHUB Aachen e.V. | RWTH Innovation GmbH | REGINA e.V. – REGionaler INdustrieclub Informatik Aachen | Stadt Aachen



The digitalHUB Aachen is a member and active supporter of the DÜREN.DIGITAL NETWORK. As part of the support project, for example, the Digital Readiness workshop series is held locally in Düren and other events are jointly organised. With the cooperation agreement concluded in March 2019, it was also agreed that members of the digitalHUB Aachen and the DÜREN.DIGITAL NETWORK will have access to the other coworking space. The close collaboration between the digitalHUB Aachen and WIN.DN creates a large regional network. Start-ups and tech companies from Aachen and the city region benefit from networking with industry in Düren and vice versa.

More information on the DÜREN.DIGITAL NETWORK can be found here:


Düren.DIgital Network

Care and Mobility Innovation

“Care & Mobility Innovation – in the future well cared for and intelligently mobile” is a cooperation project of 12 partners from the Aachen region. The aim is to develop and implement a regionally driven innovation strategy for the lead markets “Digital Health Economy” and “Smart Mobility”. With its R&D competences, the region is an innovation centre in Germany and can shape the future in the two lead markets as a “game changer”. The project will promote the development of the Aachen region into a leading location for telemedical applications and for the smart mobility of the future.

More information on the project and the partners involved can be found here:

Care and Mobility Innovation

Take a Seat in the Euregion

The “Take a Seat in the Euregion” offer is aimed at start-ups from the following incubators in the border triangle:
Corda Campus (B), Brightlands Smart Service Campus (NL) and digitalHUB Aachen (D). The project is supported by the funding agencies LRM (B), LIOF (NL) and NRW.Bank (D).

Participating start-ups gain experience abroad and get valuable new input because the incubators pursue different funding approaches. To benefit from “Take a Seat in the Euregion”, start-ups simply signal their interest to their contact persons, and the project partners will take care of making the exchange possible.

The advantages for the start-ups:
• Acquisition of intercultural competences
• Exchange with start-ups, investors and consultants in other European countries
• Get to know the market and the market opportunities for your own product beyond the borders
• Possibility to establish first contacts with international business partners
• Uncomplicated participation and low costs

Digital start-ups that would like to apply for this programme should contact

take a seat in the euregion
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