TEDxRWTH Aachen exponential

Join us for an inspiring public speaking event at RWTH Aachen Aula.
This event is open for everyone, not just students.

What can you expect:
Get ready to be inspired by captivating talksconnect with peers and enjoy the free catering and drinks.

Listen to a brilliant lineup of the following 8 Speakers:
Daniel Jung | How can we learn better and more efficiently?
Dr Julia Mann | Where does bias in AI come from?
Fisnik Zejnullahu | Space team Aachen - Fueled by dedication and motivation.
Dr Sarah Weihmann | How do we store nuclear waste?
Dr Saitali Köknar | How do we make architecture sustainable?
Sandra Navidi | What are success strategies in the age of AI?
Sanaz Zaresani | How do you channel your inner voice?
Dr Ali Yildiz | What technology enables us to explore our brains?

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