TEDxRWTHAachen 2022

Uncharted Waters

TEDxRWTHAachen welcomes you to a full-day experience to explore and question novel perspectives at the TEDxRWTHAachen 2022 conference: Uncharted Waters, this June 11th, at the Technologiezentrum Aachen (TZA).

With the visions of ten curated speakers, a series of talks will illuminate your gaze into the uncharted waters and motivate you to explore the depths below us. Where will the currents turn? When rises the tide of the next pivotal change, one that will rip our world apart then build it anew? Are we headed towards the brilliance of a guiding star, or the white-hot burning of a warning?

TEDxRWTHAachen is committed to curating an immersive, thought-provoking, and rewarding experience. In between speakers' talks, the event program also features entertainment performances, coffee and snack breaks, and a flavorful lunch buffet. Dive in and discover!


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